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Live roulette at Comic Play Casino will give you the feel of real roulette at the casino. Enjoy live roulette at Comic Play Casino and comfortable betting tables with easy controls in any mode. At live roulette online casino Comic Play, you can get the same experience as in a real casino. Live roulette works the same way as online roulette without a dealer. Customers choose the correct table, take their seats, and place their bets accordingly.

How does live roulette work?

Come every day, spin the wheel of luck and get huge roulette winnings. Try your luck at the casino and become a millionaire. Online roulette is available anywhere in the world.

One of the most significant differences is the atmosphere of the live version presented at Comic Play live roulette casino review, which is much faster and more interactive than the purely online version at any other casino. The game is streamed live at customers' homes, so you can see the entire game in real-time. There is almost an authentic casino feel to this version.

Comic Play live dealer casino roulette is a notable contributor to this atmosphere, which operates from a studio set up to look like a real casino. He can comment on the game. You can communicate with other players and agree to observe a specific dress code. Or even work time, so you can play games in your home clothes without feeling uncomfortable.

Although the principle of live roulette is the same, there are several variations to provide variety, especially in Comic Play live casino free roulette. Payout percentages, play style or bet size and type differences may exist. Of course, every player has their favorite variations, but the roulette variations presented are classic:

  • American;
  • French;
  • European roulette.

Nevertheless, for newcomers, the game in French or European roulette will not be a big difference, but there is a slight difference with American roulette. For example, in the latter, double zero is played in addition to the zero.

How to Play Live Roulette?

You can also use Comic Play live casino roulette demo to try your hand without risk. You can't play for real money in the demo version, but it's an excellent opportunity to get your hand in before the game.

Comic Play roulette live casino bonus is a system that new players can take advantage of. That is, the casino allows taking advantage of a bonus of 275% + 50 free spins for all newcomers to the online casino Comic Play. But you can not play with live dealers. Otherwise, the bonuses may be canceled.


As for the game itself, you bet first. At the beginning of each round, players place their chips and can choose: simple odds:

  • red;
  • black;
  • odd;
  • paired.

Then the ball begins to move. In live roulette at Comic Play online casino, the dealer determines the time for placing a bet. Customers are asked to bet on chips. If enough bets are placed on the table, the ball is thrown into the bowl, and bets can be placed until the dealer says, "Nothing works!"

The third step is the result. The ball slows until it stops at a number. Chips are removed by the dealer and sent to the bank. Correctly placed bets receive the corresponding profit.

Finally, a new round begins. Previously winning players can take their chips from the table or leave them and hope for their successive win.

You'll also see preliminary results at the roulette tables, allowing you to adjust your strategy so you don't have to bet blindly. To succeed at this game, you'll need qualities like persistence.

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